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Tiny Defense is a pair of iOS and android games, Tiny Defense and Tiny Defense 2, where you must help Green Planet's inhabitants, the Minirobots, defend from their enemies, Star Travel Inc.'s robots the Machines.


Tiny Defense 1

Tiny Defense is the first game in the series. It was similar to Plants vs Zombies, but had a terrain mechanic that completely changed the game's strategy.

Tiny Defense 2

Tiny Defense 2 is the second game. It fixed one of TD1's major problems, which was the terrain mechanic being made useless by the Missiler Bot. Here, the Missiler Bot is nerfed to discourage simple spam. The problem is the game's theming was way off from the happy, anti-pollution of the first game, as now the Minirobots live in dark cities. The game is also shorter, and instead of more episodes there's just Challenge Mode.

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Official Tiny Defense Teaser Trailer

Official Tiny Defense Teaser Trailer

Minirobot Upgrades and Costs:

Here is an incomplete list we've compiled of the different Minirobot upgrades, in the order you receive them, and their cost:

Gunner Bot: Veteran Gunner Upgrade - Gunner Bot's bullets deal more damage

Cannon Bot: High Precision Cannon - Cannon Bot's bullets deal more damage (500 Metal Parts)

Blocker Bot: Reinforce Shield - Increases Blocker Bot's toughness (1000 Metal Parts)

Tiny Defense 2 Launch Trailer

Tiny Defense 2 Launch Trailer

Fusor Bot: Fusor Rush - Fusor Bot's card recharge time is reduced (2000 Metal Parts)

Copter Bot: Lighter Component - Copter Bot's energy cost is reduced (500 Metal Parts)

Mini-Mine: Hover Mine - Mini-Mine can be placed anywhere (1000 Metal Parts)

Floater Bot: Economy Class - Floater Bot's energy cost is reduced

Boomerang Bot: Long Distance Boomerang - Increases Boomerang Bot's attack range 

Mini-Magnet: Magnetic Field - Mini-Magnet can pick up every metal part and energy all at once (1500 Metal Parts)

Mini-Bomber: Heavy Explosion - Mini-Bomber will cause more damage (2500 Metal Parts)

Submerger Bot: Submerger Sale - Submerger Bot's energy cost is reduced (1500 Metal Parts)

Missile Bot: Fast Rack - Reduces cool down time between Missile Bot's shots (2500 Metal Parts)

Sniper Bot: Eagle Eye - Sniper Bot's shots have a 100% chance to hit an enemy.

Barrier Bots: Hardened barrier - Increases Barrier Bots' toughness

Warrior Bot : Spartan Training - Increases Warrior Bot's toughness


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